JoynD: No B.S., Just More Cash, More Often—Turn Your Contacts into Commissions

Leveraging your existing network for higher and more frequent affiliate payments is the key to achieving financial freedom, and it’s only possible through JoynD.
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What is JoynD App?

JoynD: Where Local Businesses and Customers Truly Connect

Move beyond the limitations of Yelp, Facebook, and Google. JoynD is designed to offer a genuine, ad-free platform that prioritizes both businesses and customers. For just $20 a month, businesses can showcase their unique offerings through virtual tours, instant connections, and quality content. Users benefit from a refined search algorithm and personalized offers, creating a community where everyone thrives.
Why JoynD Over Yelp?

Why JoynD Over Facebook?

What’s in it for Users?

So, you see, JoynD is more than just another business directory or social platform. It’s a community-focused ecosystem designed to uplift local businesses while offering consumers a more personalized and rewarding experience. If you’re passionate about supporting local businesses and want to earn while doing it, becoming a JoynD Ambassador is the next logical step. Let’s build stronger communities together, one favorite business at a time. Ready to make a real impact? Keep reading to find out how you can become a JoynD Ambassador today.
How is this different from everything else I’ve seen?

JoynD Ambassadors: High-Earning Community Catalysts

What’s in it for me?

Become a JoynD Ambassador: Where Profit and Purpose Intersect

How do I know this is real?

Real Businesses, Real Results

What’s holding me back?

The Fog of Complexity

Feel like you’re lost in a fog with traditional affiliate programs? Whether it’s complex commission structures, impersonal business promotions, or limited earning potential, JoynD is designed to break down those barriers.

Become a JoynD Ambassador and liberate yourself from the limitations that have been holding you back. Experience an affiliate program that’s not just about earnings, but about being a part of something bigger.

Who/What is to blame?

Traditional Affiliate Programs

It’s not your fault. Traditional affiliate programs often set you up for failure in multiple ways:
JoynD is designed to break these barriers, offering you a straightforward, authentic, and purposeful way to earn and make an impact.
Why now?

Lead the Charge in a Growing Movement

As a JoynD Ambassador, you’re not just joining—you’re pioneering a startup set to take the country by storm. Be there from Day One and relish in the glory of being a trailblazer.

Become a JoynD Ambassador and liberate yourself from the limitations that have been holding you back. Experience an affiliate program that’s not just about earnings, but about being a part of something bigger.

This isn’t just an affiliate program; it’s a revolution. A chance not just to earn, but to shape your community’s future.
Ready to make history? Let’s go!
Why should I trust you?

Local Business Roots

JoynD was founded by two local entrepreneurs deeply familiar with the hurdles of business growth and client communication. Their firsthand experience shapes our platform, making it uniquely attuned to both ambassadors and businesses alike.
CEO/Founder Lacey Arevalo has managed and owned small businesses for over 20 years. Watching first-hand how negative, REVIEW driven platforms have impacted communities. With no true avenue to advertise directly to new and existing customers, she decided to change the game by developing JoynD. Creating a seamless and convenient way to help both business and consumers alike.
How does it work?

Your Roadmap to Becoming a High-Earning Community Builder

  1. Step-by-Step Onboarding: As soon as you sign up, you’ll go through a comprehensive onboarding process that equips you with all the tools and knowledge you need to start earning and making an impact.
  2. Personalized Dashboard: Gain access to a personalized dashboard where you can track your earnings, see your community impact, and manage your partnerships with local businesses.
  3. Simple Invitations: Use our user-friendly app to invite your favorite local businesses to join JoynD. Once they sign up and become members, you start earning a 25% commission on their membership fees.
  4. Community Building: Beyond just earning commissions, you’ll be part of a community of ambassadors focused on uplifting local businesses, giving you a sense of purpose and belonging.
  5. Quick Payouts: No waiting around for your hard-earned money. JoynD offers quick and reliable payouts, but note that payouts start after you’ve successfully recruited 4 businesses that become members.
  6. Ongoing Support: Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any questions or challenges you may have, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience.
  7. Expand Your Network: As you gain experience and confidence, you can expand your network of businesses, thereby increasing your earning potential and community impact.
  8. Long-Term Partnership: JoynD is committed to your long-term success. As we grow, you grow, providing a stable platform for continuous earning and community building.
This journey takes you from a novice to an expert ambassador, ensuring you’re well-equipped to succeed in the program.
What makes a great Ambassador?

Become the Face of a Revolutionary Local Business Movement: Are You the JoynD Ambassador We're Looking For?

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate—sign up today and be a part of our growing team!
How can I get started?

Why Wait? Amplify Your Impact and Earnings with These Special Offers

What do I have to lose?

Take Action Now

Now that you know that the JoynD Ambassador Program will help you earn monthly income by leveraging your network, you have 3 options: